Sell better your property with good photos

There is no discussion possible, if you plan to rent or sell your apartment, house, land, condominium, either you are a real estate agent, an agency, a property developer, a promoter or simply an individual owner, you should have good visuals and photos of your property. Here are some pure facts from surveys by experts.

  1. For 83% of buyers, pictures are – very – important!
  2. On average, only 15% of listings have high quality photos – The Wall Street Journal
  3. 50% of listings over $1 million still have low quality photos – The Wall Street Journal
  4. When browsing real estate listings online, buyers spend 60% of the time looking photos, 20% reading the description and 20% reading the agent description – The Wall Street Journal
  5. Professionally enhanced photos will boost listing views by 61% – REDFIN
  6. On average, a listing with good photos will sell for more than $20,000 than one without
  7. Without a photo, you have 2 seconds to grab the buyer’s attention, 20 seconds with a photo
  8. Between $400,000 to $500,000, listings will sell 18% better in the first six months with high quality photos – REDFIN
  9. Agents outsourcing photography earn twice as much commission as those who don’t. But only 35% of agents use high quality photography.
  10. Top notch photo can make your house sell 32% faster than with average photos
  11. More than 51% of buyers found their property online – REALTOR

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