Virtual staging is a new and effective marketing tool that can certainly make great strides in the real estate industry. It is a cost-effective method and a great alternative to home staging. This unique concept has certainly changed the marketing industry associated with real estate. But, do you know how to use virtual staging to your advantage? Here are different facts that can convince you that virtual staging is ideal for your real estate sale.

Did you know that in 2016, only 5 to 10% of listings used virtual staging? Stands out from the crowd and the competition now, and use it, because yes, 80% of home sales starts online.

#1 Get the costs reduced by up to 97 percent

When you compare this to the other option, which is home staging, you will be saving a lot of money. Virtually staged photographs won’t cost as much as a home staging method. Moreover, you will have to pay various people for a proper home stage. You can eliminate all of that by simply opting for a professional company like provides top-quality virtual staging services. There are various options for you to choose from. You can select 360 virtual staging or simply go for commercial virtual staging or residential virtual staging. The experienced professionals at Property Render will enhance your chances of selling a property in no time.


#2 Virtual staging can get you more money

Aside from investing less amount, there is another perk to virtual staging. Moreover, when you compare it to home staging, the results will be great. In fact, average properties can stage with premium furniture and as per the liking of the owner and significantly reduce the time to make a sale and also increase the rental rates.

#3 Virtual staging can look real

One of the most common misconceptions that property owners have is that virtual staging will make the property look fake. However, it is the complete opposite of that. Professional virtual staging can enhance the property and also allow the interested buyers to check out every detail. Make sure you focus on adding furniture and décor and also on enhancing the space in virtual staging.


#4 Easier for the buyers to visualize

When you are providing the buyers an option to visualize how their future home or office will like, you are certainly taking the right step. Virtual staging allows people to picture what would go where and how everything will come in place.


It’s not a difficult thing to figure out why virtual staging is gaining so much importance. Get the ideal virtual staging done for your property from and you’ll save even more, all of this with the best service possible.

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