The majority of real estate agents who sell high-end homes claim to use the best professional photographs. In fact, about 92% of home buyers are said to use the Internet when searching for a home; which means that the listing photos are a significant factor, even to determine the selling price of a home. 

First impressions are essential, emotion is the main trigger for the wealthy buyer so, use it to your advantage. To help you understand that home photographers are definitely worth the price, we’ve listed for you few reasons why:

  1. You need an art director

The professional photo was the result of a shoot that included an art director. A high number of photos isn’t necessary to sell a home; but what is essential is capturing the right images. Making sure that the photographer captures the right images is the art director’s responsibility.

2. Homes must be staged

 Remember how important emotion is in the purchase decision. An empty home yields no emotion, but a poorly furnished home is equally bad. Potential buyers must be able to envision themselves living in the home. If the home is empty, hire a good staging company: an empty home will never sell for the same amount as a staged home.

3. Getting the right angles is essential

A great photographer can bring out the best features of a home by mastering angles and lighting. Good photographers strive to capture the right angles to make a home as desirable as possible. This means shooting at the right level and using either available light or adding lighting to certain areas of the home, which will ensure that each room in the home looks extremely desirable


4. You need to scout the property before the shoot

Good photos are all about preparation, which includes time of day and setup. Days before the shoot, the art director will go out with the photographer to scout the property. Each angle must be explored prior to shooting the home. Skipping this step could cost you dearly.

5. You must create the perfect composition

The photographer will define the subject of the photo and the elements that will be included. They will dictate how best to fill the space, where to create horizontal and vertical lines, and where to direct the focus. When capturing buildings or architectural subjects, the photograph must be taken in such a way that the homebuyer is led through the various structural elements.


6. Last step: post-production

Post-production is the art of choosing the right photos and enhancing them. Often, the best photos aren’t the ones that are tight, meaning photos that have plenty of space around the subject to work with are better. When the selections have been made, the photographer processes the photos and enhances the color to ensure that everything is perfect.

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