Apart from having good photos of your property, and you can read our 11 reasons why you should have them to boost your listing, having a professional floorplan is a must if you want to increase the buyer’s interest or just simply sell your property at a better price and faster.

The floor plan will help the buyer to visualize better the property and the space before enquiring about it and organising visits.

According surveys from international experts like Rightmove in the UK or Zillow in the US, a floorplan is for buyers more important than the main image or the property description. “Pictures can be deceptive, while floorplan is more definitive”.

Facts why floorplans are really important?

  1. 25% of buyers will ignore a property listing without floorplan
  2. 10% will never arrange a visit without seeing the floorplan first
  3. 24% increase of visibility for a listing with a floor plan
  4. 64% of home buyers are interested in viewing floor plans
  5. 78% of sellers rate the importance of having a floorplan as 7/10 or higher
  6. On rightmove.co.uk, the realestate.com.au of United Kingdom, only 18% of listings have a floorplan
  7. 30% more enquiries for properties with floorplans

How we can help you?

PropertyRender.com offers 2D and 3D floorplans, black and white and colour ones, from prices starting at AU$25. Just send us a simple sketch or a photo of an old existing floorplan and we’ll bring it back to live and It will drastically increase your listing’s visibility and interest from buyers.

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