Sell better your property with good photos

Between cleaning and decluttering indoors and out in the yard, selling your house can be a challenge. It’s essential to remember that most people’s first impression of your home will be through listing photos.
To place your house above the rest, you must capture its best side on film. Here are a few tips to get your home noticed.

Get a professional
Don’t be fooled into thinking that a few snapshots will do the trick – a little more effort will make all the difference. Hiring an experienced real estate photographer provides various stylistic options and someone with a trained eye will notice your home’s best features.

Optimal lighting
The perfect light is non-negotiable for eye-catching pictures. You can trust a real estate photographer to make the most of what your property offers. Make sure the windows are clean, and all the blinds and curtains are open. You can even turn on all the lights.

A seasoned photographer will shoot your interior in the brightest light, won’t give you oversaturated photos.

Add some plant life
Healthy, green plants add a feeling of life and energy to interior shots. Consider buying a few pot plants if you don’t have any – dust big leaves and remove all dead stems and leaves.

Clear the mess
Even the best camera won’t sell your home if you don’t clean and remove clutter. Before a photoshoot, walk through the rooms and remove surplus furniture, clean mirrors and be sure each room looks its best.

Clear the clutter from any work surfaces to create a feeling of space. Make sure the smaller appliances are out of the picture.

Hide daily hygiene products – you don’t want anyone else seeing all your personal items. You can leave a pretty soap dispenser at the basin, add clean towels and maybe a lovely plant. Make sure the glass shower screen is sparkling.

Photos could highlight every tiny imperfection. Spend some time tidying bed covers and fluff up the pillows. Remove all personal items and clutter from the bedside tables. A bedside lamp is enough to create interest in the image.

Walk around
Take a walk through the rooms and see everything through the buyer’s eyes. Don’t leave shoes in the hallway, old fruit in dusty bowls or newspapers and mail piled up. You don’t need anything on the fridge door, nor kids’ or pets’ toys anywhere.

Emphasize special features
You may want a feature shot of your beautiful display shelves, a fireplace or fire pit (but make sure you publish a picture with a lit fire).

If you want to feature your hot tub or pool, check that they are sparkling clean.

Most people will see your home for the first time in a listing. If you treat your property like a model during a photoshoot, you will boost the number of potential buyers attending the open home.

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