To increase the chances of a buyer falling in love at first sight with your property, you must impress them from the outset. Before inspecting your property, people get their impressions from listing photographs, which could make or break a sale.

Some agencies offer a professional photographer as part of their marketing package, and some will take the photos themselves. If you choose an agency photographer, ask to see examples of their work. If you’re not satisfied, you can do it yourself.

Here are some benefits of hiring a photographer:
– Extensive industry experience and know-how
– State-of-the-art equipment for top-quality images
– Editing in post-production to make the property look its best.

If you choose the DIY-route, here are a few tips to help you transform your snapshots into efficient marketing tools:

Getting Started with Real Estate Photography
– Use a high-quality camera like an SLR with a wide-angle lens on a tripod to make rooms look larger. A tripod will prevent blurriness caused by shaky hands.
– Shoot in high resolution – it’s far more professional for online viewing and printing in brochures and other advertising.
– Plan what you’ll focus on and get advice from your agent on what to accentuate.
– Some features to focus on could include ensuites, fireplaces, walk-in closets, cellars, terraces, balconies, and spiral staircases.
– For apartment buildings, include pictures of unique amenities like the pool or gym.
– Get clear photographs of both the interior and exterior.
– Create the right mood through lighting. Interior shots look best when you turn on all the lights and draw back the curtains for a sunny effect.
– Remove personal items and tidy up before shooting.
– Add props to make the home more lived-in and inviting. Set the table with attractive dinnerware or place vases of flowers strategically.

Photography Tips for Individual Rooms
Living Room: Be sure to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom: This room should be a sanctuary. Remove clothes from the floor, make the bed and focus on the luxuries.

Kitchen and Dining Area: Remove any household cleaning products, and tidy away dirty dishes.

Bathroom: Stand in the corner of the room to get the best angle to make the room look larger. Don’t include a photograph of yourself in the mirror!

The Photo Shoot

– Avoid wide-angle shots that make walls look like they’re bulging outwards.
– Take various shots from different angles and positions.
– For the outside – shoot around noon when the sun shines directly on the home from above.
– Shooting at sunset or during twilight can create an evocative atmosphere.

Presenting Your Property
With digital cameras, you don’t have to worry about the cost of film. Take as many photos as possible to choose from for publishing.

Include several images in the listing so that buyers don’t suspect you’re hiding flaws–but don’t misrepresent your property.

What’s next?

With beautiful photographs, you could end up having a quicker sale– follow these tips and good luck!

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