We all know the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ But the problem is that home sellers often forget picture quality.

It’s simply not possible to sell a house without pictures, and the quality of these pictures is essential. Many people wonder if professional photography helps to sell homes. The short answer is yes, it does indeed.

Home Buyers Care Most About the Photographs
Experts have revealed that 95.1% of potential buyers decide which listings to explore based on the photos. Because 92% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes, it is advisable to make sure your images stand out from the multitude of properties for sale online.

Attract More Buyers and Get a Better Price
According to a study, you can earn between $1,000 and $100,000 more with professional photographs. Top-quality photos will ensure that more people click on your listing.

Gain the Competitive Edge
The difference between professional and amateur images are obvious. Let’s take a brief look at what a pro can deliver:

Art Direction:
A professional will understand all the important aspects required to make your home look like a work of art.

Staged Rooms:
Empty homes sell much slower while furnished rooms staged and decorated by a professional will appeal to even the pickiest buyer.

Perfect Composition:
A professional knows how to get the right composition, angles, and light to elicit emotion with beautiful images. If a buyer can imagine themselves living in the home, and feel emotion, they will explore the property further.

Professional photographers can edit photos in post-production to enhance every feature that sets your home apart.

Professional Photos Do Sell Homes Faster
If you want to get your property sold quickly, there is no doubt that you will be wise to hire a professional photographer.

Finally, remember that real estate photographs aim to sell. At all costs, avoid unprofessional filters or mobile tools.
Make sure you have your images professionally edited through PropertyRender.com’s image enhancement serice.
We apply a 20-step process to ensure your real estate photos are looking their best, every time!

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