Photography has become crucial for marketing properties online. Because busy professional photographers will only have a set amount of time to spend in your house, it’s advisable that you prepare for the shoot.
Here are our top tips to make sure your home shines among the abundant listings online.

Seeing as you’ll be moving anyway, why not start clearing and organizing now? Declutter bookcases and kids’ toy boxes. You may want to designate a spare room for storage because you don’t have to photograph every room.

The Bathroom
Bathrooms could be the selling point and won’t take much effort to prepare. Remove everything apart from towels and décor. All daily hygiene products must be out of the picture. Clean the room properly, especially soap scum on the shower screen. Minimalist styling is best, and a healthy indoor plant is often all you’ll need.

Kitchen and Living Areas
The kitchen is the heart of the home and will make or break your sale. Be sure to remove mementos and reminders from the fridge and clear anything off the top. Don’t keep old appliances on the counters.
Living areas must be clutter-free and old newspapers, and tattered cushions need to go. Keep in mind that a treadmill rarely makes for a great photograph.

All ceiling lights must be in working condition. Keep all the globes in either warm or cool white. Warm globes provide an inviting ambience and always look good in photos.
The Exterior

Give the outdoors as much attention as the interior. Show a garden free from leaves (especially during Fall) with tidy paths and freshly mowed lawn. Get rid of toys, dustbins and anything lying around. If you have a pool, it must be sparkling with the cover removed.

You may consider bringing in professional stagers, however this is typically expensive and time consuming. Utilising’s virtual staging service can save you thousands of dollars. We simply render modern furniture into your photos and can even digitally remove unwanted existing furniture from the photos.

Since photographs are so important to home buyers, it will make a tremendous difference if your home is ready for the photographer. An uncluttered, clean and cared-for property always makes for appealing images.

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