On-site property managers are businesses, and its teams, responsible for properties, like buildings, shopping centres, community associations, apartment complexes and so. They routinely inspect grounds, facilities and equipments, to ensure that everything is in order. On top of that, they are also in charge of managing relationships between landlords and tenants, to ensure rents are paid properly and properties rented as much as possible to get the best possible rental yield.

And for that, they need to rent properties, finding tenants, by adverting them on different channels such as their own websites, social medias, real estate portals, facebook marketplace and so.


How Can PropertyRender.com Can Help On-Site Property Managers?

Renting a property once the previous tenant is out can take a lot of times, and for different reasons. First of all, the property is now empty, and it is hard for new tenants to figure out how they could furnish it, personalise it and see themselves living in it. That’s why home-staging can drastically accelerate the rental process and search for a new tenant.

Home-staging ROI (return on investment) is more than 586%, but mostly used for property sales, and less for rentals. Why? Because home-staging involves a professional company bringing furnitures in the property, staging it and taking professional photos. All of this takes time, and can cost up to $5,000 per property.

That’s when virtual staging becomes really interesting as it offers something 100% similar to real home-staging, but reducing costs to up to 97%, and execution time to 2 days instead of a week!

Our residential virtual staging offer starts at only AU$35 per room.

Here is a typical exemple of a room, unfurnished, as the previous tenant left the property. It’s hard for a new tenant to figure out the size, which sofa can fit, etc… Some surveys has shown that a non stage property can stay up to 14o days on the market while the ones that are staged can stay for less than 42 days! A huge difference!

And here is the example stage, with our residential virtual staging service. And all of that for AU$35 per room, which can be a total of around AU$250 for a 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms property! Doing the same with a real home-staging company would cost you up to $5,000 per property, a staggering cost reduction of 95%!

(And don’t forget, all of that can be tax deductible if you do it as an individual as it is part of the marketing process of renting or selling your property.)


Is Virtual Staging Adapted to Commercial Real Estate?

Yes, it is, 100%! Commercial virtual staging is part of our services, and only starts at AU$65 per room!

It can be really complicated to rent offices, stores, warehouses and so if they are empty. Finding a new tenant can take months, if not years in some locations. While virtual staging can drastically accelerate the process.

Here is an example of empty offices with some rubbish, before and after commercial virtual staging. A huge difference.


And What About 360 Visits?

360 Virtual Staging, either for residential or commercial real estate is also available, from AU$85 per room only with our services. Watch our examples on our service page by clicking here.

Real 360 photos of your property, with virtual furniture in it, and you can choose through millions of styles, colours and ranges of furnitures!


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