Why Professional Headshots of Your Staff are Important
You don’t want unprofessional images on your website to scare away your potential clients! Every business owner must consider their online presence and visual identity because personal branding is vital for the overall online presence of your company. Good first impressions are essential, after all. You need to define who you and your employees are to gain the trust of potential clients.

Look Trustworthy and Professional
People want to deal with people and tend to push back against faceless organizations with electronic customer service.
Professional corporate portraits on your website will inform the visitor of your brand identity, and as such, potential clients will understand what type of people represent you.

Social Network for Business
LinkedIn is a thriving platform where your employees can connect, and your clients can learn more about your company. Each staff member’s LinkedIn profile must be professional.
As visitors comment on your profile and read your updates, the images will be continuously visible. Make sure they look fantastic!

Be Current!
Unprofessional and pixelated images demonstrate that your business is not tech-savvy and may give the impression that you ignore detail.
Don’t let your team upload random snapshots or selfies; only professional portraits by a pro photographer will prompt the desired impression.

People and Trends Change
Once you have professional portraits of you and your team, don’t let them remain online for longer than two years. People change, and you want to remain relevant.
Make sure the backdrop of your portraits matches your website or corporate colors.

Consider your current portraits and decide if it’s a good representation. Is it too old? Is it a good quality, professional photo that’s true to the image you want to portray?
If not, it’s time to contact a professional photographer and make it right.

PropertyRender.com provides a professional portrait enhancement for real estate agents. Simply upload your portraits taken on a phone or digital camera and we will create professional-looking portraits within 24 hours.

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